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Dear Guests. Please note we are a working farm. If we don’t answer the phone please send us a WhatsApp at 066-467-0564 or send us an email at obanguestfarm@gmail.com or reservations@obanguestfarm.com. We will get back to you soonest.

Ditch the Screens and Channel Your Inner Pioneer at Oban Historical Guest Farm!

Forget fancy hotels with concierges who judge your breakfast choices. Oban Historical Guest Farm is your escape to a simpler time, where authenticity meets comfort (and maybe a few farmyard mishaps – all part of the charm!).

Nestled in the majestic Drakensberg mountains, Oban ain’t your average hotel. We’re a family-run haven where old-fashioned values meet enough fresh air to make your city lungs weep with joy (but in a good way).

Picture this: Sun-drenched days spent exploring the farm, evenings by the crackling fireplace with loved ones (because let’s be honest, campfires are way more fun than reality TV), and mornings where your alarm clock is a rooster with a serious case of the diva act (earplugs optional).

Our 17 cozy rooms are designed for relaxation, not showing off for your Instagram followers. Think fireplaces for those chilly nights, crisp linens for ultimate comfort, and verandas perfect for sipping coffee while watching a very important chicken meeting unfold in the farmyard (trust us, it’s riveting).

Oban Historical Guest Farm: Where disconnecting to reconnect creates memories that’ll make you laugh for years to come! #ObanEscape #DitchTheScreens #FarmFreshFun #RoosterAlarmClock #ChickenMeeting



Peace , Tranquility & Farm Hospitality


Self-catering, semi-self catering, pet-friendly options available to choose from




Delicious field-to-fork meals


Made from home grown ingredients and locally sourced, sustainable fair.




Adventure around every corner


Whether it’s doing nothing, reading a book, going for a nature walk, swimming, horse riding, fishing or exploring the many attractions of the area. You write our own itinerary.




Reconnect with nature and your true self


Digital overload is exhausting. Often all you need is simplicity and silence. Oban is the perfect spot for a digital detox. Yoga instructors: we have all you need for your retreat.


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Escape the Concrete Jungle and Breathe Deep at Oban Historical Guest Farm!

Feeling a bit… disconnected from nature? Our phones may have all the filters, but Oban Historical Guest Farm offers the real deal – a nature sanctuary that’ll have your city senses going haywire (in a good way).

Think of us as Mother Nature’s personal Airbnb. Everything here, from the fresh veggies you can pick (because who needs a grocery list when you have a garden?) to the cozy cottages, is inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

Collect eggs from our resident chickens (don’t worry, they’re well-trained and won’t judge your omelette-making skills… probably). Feel the earth beneath your feet (it’s way more fun than scrolling through endless social media feeds). Basically, reconnect with nature in a way that’ll make your city self want to move in permanently (but don’t worry, we won’t judge… much).

Oban isn’t just about chilling (although there’s plenty of that to be done). We’ve got activities galore for all ages: explore the great outdoors, fish for the one that got away (and maybe catch a tan instead), or take a dip in our spring-fed dam (it’s basically a giant bathtub… a natural one, of course).

Our gentle horses and donkeys are waiting for some love and cuddles (perfect for the little ones, or for adults who secretly wish they were still little). And if you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve got horse riding, canoeing, cycling, fishing, and hiking – enough to keep you busy until the cows come home (literally, we have cows).

So ditch the screens, swap selfies for sunsets, and get ready to create memories that’ll last a lifetime (and maybe some funny stories about rogue chickens along the way)! #ObanEscape #NatureTherapy #CityDetox #ChickenWhisperer #AdventureAwaits

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